Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Events - 2nd Sandakan BB Coy

Although the company has had its closing ceremony, the activities are not "closed" yet. The company had planned a lot of activities for the members throughout this Christmas, so as to ensure that the BB Boys can spend their Christmas this year in a more meaningful way.

Besides the Agape Christmas Day, the members went caroling together with Rev. James. That was on 15th and 16th December 2008, when the BB/GB members went to 7 houses where non-Christian families live in. This is a kind of fellowship which had enabled the relationship among the Boys to have obviously been improved.

A Christmas Party was organized by the 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade Company together with the 3rd Sandakan Girls' Brigade Company in Wisma Basel on 21st December 2008. A snowman was made using recycled papers and cotton wool by the BB/GB members. The party started at 2.00 pm, when the guests started coming in one by one.

The entire celebration began with Praise & Worship lead by Mr Alexander with a team of worship members from the BB and GB. Then the audiences continued with some Bible Scriptures reading and watched a drama presentation done by the BB and GB too. Rev. James shared some sermons with the people who came, and gave out a unique pen to each and every one of them who came as a little Christmas gift. He also gave out some respond forms, asking whether the people who came are ready to accept Lord Jesus.

After that, the lucky draw started. There were a lot of prizes being given out, ranging from electronic gadgets and household tools. The games started right after the Lucky Draw. After playing some games, the audiences started getting themselves some refreshments prepared by the organizing committees before going back home.

On 24th December 2008, the BB and GB participated in the Basel Church Christmas Eve Service. The BB/GB members went into the Praise & Worship team as backup singers. Besides, they had also performed a singing and dancing show to the church congregations. The song "Joy to the World" was sang and a positive response was given to the performers.

That's all for Christmas 2008. Since the activities held were successful, more performances will be carried out in the district level next year.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Charity Project - Christmas Day

It's Christmas Day! The 2nd Sandakan Charity Project team went to the Agape Centre on
06 November 2008 to celebrate Christmas with the children there. After several days of preparations, the event was finally held in the centre.

Our chaplain, Rev. James Wong was invited to the celebration too!. The event started with a singspiration by the BB members. They sang "Feliz Navidad", "Joy to the World" and "Silent Night". Then, the teacher in charge, Cikgu Jukinah came out and gave a speech. She expressed her deepest gratitude to the BB members who volunteered to come and support this meaningful event. After that, Rev. James shared some messages with the children, telling them what is Christmas and what they should do on Christmas Day.

After that, Rev. James and Cikgu Juninah were invited to give out the presents to the children. Before this, the BB members had received a wishlist from them and the Boys went out to shop for the presents. Now, the children finally have their dreams come true.

This event is a great success. Being the first company in Malaysia to organise such an activity, the 2nd Sandakan is now confident enough to organize the Christmas Event once again next year, involving the other companies in the district level. We hope that we will continue to gain support from the community.

Closing Ceremony

On 29th November 2008, the 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade company had its Closing Ceremony in the parade ground.

The boys and girls reached Wisma Basel at 1.30 pm. Then, the Guards of Honor falled in and awaited the Guest of Honor, Rev. Tsen's arrival. Cpl Siah Boon Kiat was the parade commander, Cpl Daniel Fan the Color Bearer and Cpl Sweeney Ku the Color Sergeant. After uniform inspection. the Guard of Honor had a march-past round the parade square.

Then, the ceremony continued with a singspiration lead by Lt Alexander Liew. There was a live band playing the songs which were sung. After that Rev. Tsen shared a message with the Boys' and Girls' Brigade members. Then, a performances were presented by the BB and GB. The BB did first aid while GB did drill. The BB & GB both falled in according to squads to receive awards and promotion. The ceremony ended with a momento presentation to the GOH, Rev. Tsen.

Congratulations to those who were promoted. On the other hand, Captain Raymond encouraged those who were not promoted not to give up as they still have a chance to promoted in next year's Enrollment Sunday, provided that they do well in the upcoming Junior Camp next year.

ANTS Sabah 2008

On 13th - 15th November 2008, The Sabah State Advanced NCO Training School (ANTS) was held in BCCM, Tawau. The Boys' Brigade members from all over Sabah travelled to BCCM to attend this course. There were a total number of 20 trainees while for the 2nd Sandakan Company, 5 NCOs from the 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade Company took part in the course. Members who registered are at least 15 years of age, and had passed their BNTS level. The main syllabus in this course include: Time Management, Decision Making, Conflict Management, Goal Setting and Presentation Skills.

The opening ceremony of the ANTS was officiated by the Guest of Honor, Captain Liew Soo Chee on 13th November. The members of the training were trained to be proactive, instead of waiting for instructions before they take action. Each and everyone of them was given the chance to talk and debate over current issues.

ANTS Sabah 2008 was ended on the 15th November. The members gathered in the Conference Room for the Closing Ceremony, which was once again planned by all the NCOs themselves. Trainees shared about what they think about the course, and what they have learnt throughout the three days two nights course.

The main outcome for the trainees was that all the members are no longer slack-NCO's in the company. They had been trained to set up their own goals to be achieved by their respective companies. Besides, the members got very tough eversince joining the camp because the ANTS emphasized on discipline. It is hoped that all the NCO's can carry out their jobs as leaders in the company so that the Boys' Brigade Ministry can continue to grow stronger.