Monday, May 19, 2008

Training Course - 19th May 2008

Most of the boys came back to the training ground today. The practice started at 9.00 am sharp. The band members practised the songs which will be played in Pesta. There are approximately 6 songs to be played during the presentation. Drummers were able to play the chopstick drum solo very well.

At 12.00, the boys went home, while drill members stayed back. This is the very first practice captain had with the boys after the examinations. The boys performed well. Captain reminded the commander not to exceed the border of the competition ground as marks will be deducted for that. After that, captain bought the boys lunch and sent them back home. *Thank You Captain!*

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Parade Meeting - 18th May 2008

Meeting went back to normal today. The band members came back for practice, and it was a great one. We were taught a new song, "Genghis Khan".

We did not miss the opportunity to practise the band formation. Boys were getting familiar with the formation. They became serious when they were told that 2nd Sandakan is probably the only band attending the PESTA. The drill team couldn't have its practice because of the heavy rainfall after the band practice. Drill boots have arrived, and the boys took theirs of respective sizes.

The boys were then asked to come back to the parade ground the next day, from 9.00am till 12.00. Drill members were asked to stay till 1.00pm, lunch will be provided.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day OFF - 11 May 2008

Once again, there's no meeting today. The members are having exam. They have 3 more days to go before the exam ends. Drill practice will start right after the exam, on Thursday, during Co-curriculum time. Besides, Drill and Band members are required to come back the following Sunday, as there'll be intensive training for the PESTA.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Drill Practice - 04 May 2008

There's no BB meeting today, because the school will be having exam for 2 weeks. Therefore there will be 2 weeks break for the boys. However, the drill team members were dedicated enough to come back and practice. Form 4 members were excused from coming today, as they are going to have their first exam paper tomorrow. Today's practice was a very meaningful one. There was a goat-setting session before everything started, and a "review" session after it ended. They were taught how to straighten their arms during quick march (that's the aim of the day, to make sure everybody has "STRAIGHT ARMS") In overall, the boys did not really do well today, but we can see that they've been trying their hardest. I believe we can see significant improvements shown by the boys in no time. That's all for today~ :D