Tuesday, June 17, 2008

15th June 2008 - Parade Meeting

Today is Corporal Kwan's first day as the band major. The target boys were recruited inside the brass band too! Everybody well with the band major. There will be a band performance on this coming Saturday, that is the Hari Belia service. That'll be the first performance which is lead by Corporal Kwan.

Then, Captain introduced us a new officer who was an Ex-S/Sgt. That's Staff Sergeant Hing Kwan Hung. He'll be in charge of the NCOs' qualities and the Campers together with Computer Knowledge award. Furthermore, he will also make sure that the members who are going to be promoted end of this year deserve the respective promotions.

Besides, Sgt Ng Kok Ming and Kevin Leong from the 1st Sandakan Coy came to practise Advanced Drill. Captain advised the advanced drillers to be ready for the exam, especially the commands as they will have to sit for the exams soon. The same thing goes to the basic drillers, as Corporal Siah finish teaching the movements, the exam will be held.

After that, the boys fall out and went back home.

8th June 2008 - Parade Meeting

Pesta's OVER! The boys had fun in UMS, Kota Kinabalu during the Pesta. It was a great eye-opener for everybody as it was their first time joining such a great camp! Today, not all the members turned up for meeting, probably because they have to take some rest at home after the tiring trip in KK.

Parade meeting went as usual today. Former Staff Sergeant Hing Kwan Hung came back and shared his experience in National Service with the boys. He received the "Wira Terbaik" award inside the camp. According to S/Sgt Hing, the skills that we learn in BB, drill and campers especially, are very useful inside the NS camp. The drill manual is more or less the same with the one in BB. Therefore, he encouraged the members to work hard and try their best to learn what they can inside the Boys' Brigade so that they can have themselves ready for the coming NS camp.

Besides, the Year-4 boys also had their Christian Education lesson. Sir Andrew was able to finish the basic award syllabus and asked the boys to complete the award book and hand it in the next week.

After that, the boys went to the parade ground to drill. Captain wanted the new members to be trained up so that they can attend the 2010 Pesta in Penang and take part in the drill competition there. Then, they learnt Drill Advance, which is the commands and movements of the Guard of Honor and Color Party.

Next, they fall out. Before everybody went home, captain declared Cpl Kwan Lik Jing the band major and Cpl Siah Boon Kiat the drill commander of the company. Congratulations!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pesta 2008 - "Our Youth, Our Future"

FINALLY~! It's Pesta, and the boys were ready for this breath-taking event. The boys departed Sandakan on 29th May 2008, a day before the actual camp starts. The venue for Pesta 2008 is Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), which is the largest university in Malaysia. The boys managed to do some shopping in Centrepoint and Warisan Square, since they have a day's time before registration.

Day 1, 30th May 2008

The first day of the Pesta camp - people from all over the country, Singapore and Republic of the Philipines depart to UMS, Kota Kinabalu from their respective homes. The registration was done today. Each registered company was provided a set of properties - name tag, Pesta Handbook, water bottle, toilet roll, shampoo and soap. In the evening, the campers were given a briefing on camp rules and dress codes.

Day 2, 31th May 2008

Pesta Kaamatan, a big day for the Kadazan-Dusun's in Sabah. The participants had a morning devotion in the UMS Lecture Hall before heading to Kadazan-Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA). The members were lucky enough that they were exposed to the traditional cultures of this ethnic. After that, they took a bus to the Likas Stadium, the place where the Pesta 2008 Opening Ceremony was held.

This is actually a big event for the 2nd Sandakan Boys, as they had been practising hard for the band march-past and formation and today they are going to perform.Everything went smooth when the band members found out that they have to play the "General Salute" bugle and they did not know how because they were not told beforehand. Luckily Sir Nicholas was around to help. He solo-ed that bugle piece when general salute took place. Beside that, the boys did very well. The "chopstick drum solo" at the end of the band formation was AWESOME!

The boys met former chaplain Pastor Ngui there. She lead the prayer before the event started, and gave compliment after it ended. She said that it's obvious the 2nd Sandakan Boys had been working hard for this great event and she's glad to see that!

Day 3, 1st June 2008

Another big day for the 2nd Sandakan boys. Today was the National Drill Competition. The participants wore their uniforms to the morning devotion as they had to go to PALAPES field, the competition ground right after the devotion.

Unfortunately, the commander Corporal Siah had sore throat and wasn't able to command well. That had definitely caused some mark loss in overall. Furthermore, some of the drill members made mistakes during the drill sequence. Besides, competition was too tight. Companies from West Malaysia and Sarawak were fit physically, and it is a fact that the boys did not have enough practice. They did not get into the finals and they lost the competition. However, it is no doubt that all of them had done their best, and nobody was to be put to blame for the failure. Sir Raymond encouraged the commander and asked him to train up the new recruits so that they will be ready for the next Pesta in Penang.


After that, the rehearsal for singing competition took place. Those who were not involved in the singing competition were required to go to the PALAPES ground for bamboo dance practice, as there will be a record-breaking event the next day. At night, the campers were transported to the UMS Lecture Hall for the singing competition. The participants from 2nd Sandakan lead by S/Sgt Yap Fook Lim sang "I Will Follow You". They did greatly and achieved the 5th runner up in the competition.


Day 4, 2nd June 2008

Bamboo Dance - the highlight of Pesta camp. Bamboo dance is actually a traditional Magunatip dance. The campers had been practising hard for that. All the campers have one aim in common, which is to break the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) in "Biggest Participation in Bamboo Dance". The Boys' Brigade Malaysia had a successful attempt in achieving the biggest participation in 402 eight-feet long bamboo dance in 20 minutes non-stop. The ceremony was officiated and witnessed by YB Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah, Deputy Chief Minister, Sabah.

After the record breaking event, they moved to One Borneo Shopping Mall to have lunch and also to walk around. One Borneo is a new shopping mall which will be having its soft opening on 8th June. After that, the participants went back to UMS and got ready for the gospel concert at night.

At night, the Pesta campers went to the Tun Mustapha Auditorium for the Gospel Concert. Pastor Jonathan and the Charis gave the boys and girls an enjoyable moment. They waved, shouted, clapped, yelled, cheered, and they PRAISED Him! It was a fantastic night and everybody got very, very high.

Day 5, 3rd June 2008

Today is the second last day of Pesta. The participants were brought on a city tour, which included visits to places like the Sabah Museum, Tanjung Aru Beach and Centre Point. After that, they were brought to the Putera Restaurant for the closing ceremony. That was the final opportunity for the members to interact with each other and exchange contacts. There were a lot of dance performances on stage, and winners for the group singing competition were invited to perform once again too! Everyone had a enjoyable time having dinner in Putera Restaurant. After that, all of them took the bus back to UMS.

Day 6, 4th June 2008

The last day of Pesta, when people who gathered from all over the country have to bid each other farewell. However, the Sandakan District members had an extra night's stay. After cleaning up and checking out, they spent the day shopping in Merdeka Square, Centre Point and Warisan Square.

Day 7, 5th June 2008

This is the very very last day the Boys and Girls stayed in Kota Kinabalu. The bus took off at 8.00 am, heading for Sandakan. The bus stopped in Tamparuli and gave the members time to have breakfast. After that, it departed straight away for Sandakan. They reached their destination at approximately 3.30 pm. Then, they went back home.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pre-Pesta Training Camp

On the 25 - 27th May 2008, a training camp was once again held in the parade ground, after the weekly parade meeting. Pesta participants were given a briefing on what they have to bring and prepare for this big event.

The campers checked in after they fall out. After that, they were given a night's rest at home before they come back to the ground and do last minute preparation before they depart to Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.

Here are the pictures taken in the camp:

The main purpose of this camp was to brush up the band, drill and singing team and to prepare themselves for Pesta. Besides, the members became closer with each other after the camp, this will surely help in making this Pesta trip a successful one.

CONGRATULATIONS to Private Seck Min Guang, he is now a Lance Corporal. After 4 years of hard work, he's now promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal.