Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brigade Cup - Basketball

The Brigade Cup is held once a year. 2007 was when it started and it's the 2nd year that the 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade Company is organising such a meaningful event. It is also a chance not to be missed by all the NCO's of the Lance Corporal rank to perform themselves and show their qualities to the officers in order to enable them to advance to the next rank.

The boys were divided into 3 groups, namely Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The sports which are going to be organised this year include basketball, football, captain ball and badminton.

The basketball event was held at 26th October 2008. Initially it rained, but thank God it stopped and the boys managed to go to the basketball court in SM Sung Siew for the game. It was a tight competition and squad ALPHA became the champion!

Congratulations, squad members of ALPHA!

Football will be organised next week. The boys are encouraged to prepare themselves in order to be ready to compete with their opponents once again!

XMas Charity Project

Do you believe in Santa? Well, if you don't, I believe the 2nd Sandakan BB will make you do so. This is because the 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade Company is going to be the pioneer in organising the Xmas Project. The targetted group is the children in Agape Centre. The main objective of this event is to help the children have their wishes come true!

The first meeting has been conducted and these are the committee members involved in playing the Santa role in the Christmas Project:

1) Cpl Kwan Lok Man
2) Cpl Chin Min Ket
3) Cpl Daniel Fan
4) Cpl Chung Vui Lam
5) Cpl Sweeney Ku
6) Cpl Kwan Lik Jing
7) Cpl Siah Boon Kiat
8) L/Cpl Seck Min Guang

The Christmas Tree will be hung and decorated in the first week of November. Then, the boys will try their best to fulfill the children's wishes by looking for sponsors. In the third week of November, the boys will then go to Agape and celebrate Christmas with the kids suffering from mental disorder.

The wish-list from the Agape Centre is now acquired and the event can only be a success if you make some contribution. Anyone who wish to sponsor, please contact

Cpl Siah Boon Kiat --

The Palace Night - 01 November 2008

The 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade brass band was invited to perform in the SM Sung Siew Annual Dinner, in Sabah Hotel Ballroom on 1st November 2008.

The following members are selected:

Conductor: Cpl Kwan Lik Jing
Trumpet: Cpl Daniel Fan, Cpl Chung Vui Lam, L/Cpl Nicholas Syn, L/Cpl Eric Chin,
L/Cpl Esmond Wong, Pte Lu Man Guan, Pte Daniel Tan
Beretone: Cpl Sweeney Ku
Trombone: Cpl Siah Boon Kiat, Pte Lim Leong Lee
Bell-lyre: Cpl Chia Chuong Yan, L/Cpl Augustine Chiu, L/Cpl Sebastian Chen
Drummer: L/Cpl Seck Min Guang, L/Cpl Philip Voo, L/Cpl Chow Tshun Nam

To those who are not selected, please do not be discouraged as there will always be a second chance for you to perform. The selected members for this performance are mostly from the Senior Block. To those who are going to perform, please return to the parade ground for practice during school hours.