Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NS Potential Leader Training Camp

On the 19-22 November 2008, a training camp was held in Kem Bagai Budi, Sandakan. It is a training ground for the National Service trainees and the 2nd Sandakan Company is very lucky to have the chance to conduct the training over there. There are three objectives of organizing the camp. First, to promote leadership qualities among NCOs; Second, to train up toughness and endurity of the NCOs and Third, to give the members an early exposure of what National Service is like.

For the members, the most beneficial activity was drill. The NS Trainers taught the proper movement in drill. Besides, Captain Raymond also selected 5 commanders to be trained by the trainers. The trainers taught them the proper command language and the correct intonation slang to be used.

Various activities were organized in this camp and they were held in both indoors and outdoors. For the indoor activities, the "Character Building" module was introduced. This helped the members a lot as teenagers nowadays were distracted by too many attractions and they do not know the proper thing to be done at the right time. The module also includes the "commitment-action ratio".

As for the outdoor activities, the members were given the opportunity to try out the basic obstacle race used by the NS trainees. They include: 1.6 feet wall, monkey bar and tunnel. Some basic survival skills were also taught by the trainers. The members learned camper's, compass reading, cooking and bearing search. The Explorace was also held in order to ensure the campers are able reapplicate the skills taught. Besides, the members were also given the chance to do kayaking!

In conclusion, the Potential Leadership Training Camp was a great success. The participants earned a lot in this camp. Captain Raymond recognizes the capability of the trainers in conducting activities. It is predicted that the training will go on annually. The SDC (Sabah District Council) camp is likely to be organised here in next year too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

XMas Charity Project - Decorations

Like what was mentioned in the previous post, the Xmas Charity Project will start in the month of November. On the 12nd November 2008, the Charity Project team went to the Agape Centre to put up the decorations for the Xmas Event to be held on the 12nd December 2008.

The boys waited at the Agape Centre at 10.00 am while waiting for Officer Alex to bring the Christmas Tree from the church. Everyone started to get to work at 10.30 am.

However, it was found that the upper part of the Christmas Tree brought to the centre wasn't the correct one. Therefore, the boys had to ignore the upper part and started with the bottom one with some coloured spheres and stars as decorations. The upper part will then be brought to the centre on the next day.

The decorations were simple enough to be done completely in approximately 1 hour. The Boys did not forget to clean up the place before they went home.

Brigade Cup - Football

It's the 2nd week of November and the football competition is held. The boys gathered in the parade ground and waited for the Officers to send them to the field in SK Sung Siew. The junior boys had their basketball match in the mini court too.

Competition was very tight and finally, Alpha Squad came out the champion once again. Congratulations!

BB Reachout '08

The BB Reachout program is actually a campaign started by the government. Its aim is to raise awareness among youths regarding the current popular issues related with AIDS/HIV. A seminar was held by the Sabah State Council and 2nd Sandakan did send a representative to attend the seminar. Captain Raymond brought Cpl Siah Boon Kiat over to Kota Kinabalu and took part in the 2 days 1 night course. Then, Corporal Siah is required to explain to the members in the company about AIDS and HIV so that the boys can help spread the news to their peers, too!

The talk conducted was given a positive response by the boys. The boys should then take the next step by explaining to at least 20 of their friends about this issue and get their signatures in order to prove that they have done so. After accomplishing all the requirements, the boys will then be awarded the Red Ribbon.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sung Siew Speech Day '08

On the 7th November 2008, the boys were once again invited to play some songs during the Speech Day. Datuk Dr Kamaruzaman as the Guest of Honour of the day, arrived at 8.30a.m, which was welcomed by the band. Then, national anthems were played, such as Negaraku, Sabah Tanah Airku. Throughout the event, a few songs were played : -
1. Cherry Pink Blossom
2. Speedy Gonzales
3. Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin 月亮代表我的心
4. Xu Zhu Chuan Qi 虚竹传奇
5. Cheng Ji Si Han 成吉思汗
It was such a hot day but nothing is impossible for the boys, they still did their very best to present the songs. Good job, boys! The ceremony ended with the school song, 'Onwards Sung Siew Students'.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Annual Dinner '08

Well, the boys were invited to perform during the Annual Dinner on the 1st of November 2008. 5 songs were played and it went very well. However, not all the boys stayed for dinner, as for them who did not stay, they went back to arrange the instruments at Basel Church, thanks for that. And, Officer Alex attended the dinner too, to support the boys and of course to provide transportation for them to get back to Basel Church, thanks officer!

Welcome song was played during the arrival of the Guest of Honour.

P/S : Not many pictures were taken, but hope that all of you will enjoy the pictures! Stay tuned for the coming posts.