Sunday, April 27, 2008

Parade Meeting - 27th April 2008

Today, the boys started the meeting with the band practice. Our band major Sergeant Kevin did not turn up today. Mr Leong was quite satisfied with our performance, at least we've tried our best to improve ourselves~! Again, we were taught a new song "Navy March", and practised the band formation.

Then, we went up to the hall for the praise and worship session. Chaplain's message was really meaningful. Today's slogan: "FROM FEAR TO FAITH", simple and powerful. He said that once we humans are able to overcome fear with faith, we will be successful. He shared a video with us. It went like this:

5 year old Korean named Ye Eun appeared in a tv show, Star King Record. She was born blind, yet she can play the tune of after listening to a song, without referring to the music sheet. To know the story further you can watch the video below. It's worth-watching!

After that, we went back home.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

20th April 2008 - Parade Meeting

Today the boys falled in, and had their devotion sessions. After that, they went into the classroom for their band practice. Mr Leong, the band instructor lectured us for almost 30 minutes.
"You're the worst batch of band members that i've ever taught for over 30 years of teaching brass band!!"
"You're not being dedicated! You want to make performance but you are not willing to come back for practice? What joke is this?"

Then, Mr Leong started in teaching the band formations. We had shapes like arrow, square, heart, music note and so on. They are all nice and simple. That was the first time all the boys are being so cooperative and obedient. All of them worked hard to ensure there will be no mistakes during the performance in PESTA.

Today is also our Awards' Day. Captain gave out the service, scholastic and skill-learning awards to the Boys. However, those who did not pass up the fortnight card will have their badges held, until they hand the card in.

That's all for today. The boys were asked to come back again next week for further practice.

13rd April 2008 - Enrolment Sunday

Today, the prefect camp was still going on. The same number of boys came out of camp, to join the enrolment service. Sergeant Kevin was the parade commander. The ceremony started with the Boys and Girls falling in and form the guard of honors' Line. They waited for the Guest of Honor's arrival. After that, uniform inspection took place. Then, they marched into the churched and joined the Sunday Church Service, together with the church members.

Sergeant Willie and Sergeant Yap Fook Lim were promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant. We will be seeing them in blue sashes next week~! The promotion was held inside the church. Then, there was an NCOs' and Young Leaders' Vow session. That was when the Boys and Girls make their own promises saying that they will do a good job as a leader.

Finally, We had a photo-taking session and everybody went back home after that.

In the afternoon, the boys were asked to turn up for parade meeting, because there will be band practice by then. However, not many of them came, and the practice had to be postponed to next week.

Special Olympics Band Service

On the 12nd April 2008, which is a Saturday, the 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade Company was invited to a band service in a Special Olympics event held in Sibuga Sports Complex, Sandakan.

Unfortunately, at the same time, the Prefects' Camp was held at the same time and therefore, 7 band members weren't able to come out of the camp to attend the band service. However, a letter was written to the senior assistant of students' affair and the boys are allowed to go out of camp.They are: Pte Seck Min Guang, Pte Jedd Chung, L/Cpl Sebastien Chen, Cpl Chung Vui Lam,
Cpl Sweeney Ku, Cpl Daniel Fan and Cpl Siah Boon Kiat. Some of them did not have enough sleep the previous night. They had to take a short nap in the church van. Thanks for your commitment!

At 6.30am, every band members reached Wisma Basel and got ready with their respective band instruments. We reached Sports Complex at 7.00am. Sergeant Kevin gave us a short briefing, and told us the plannings for the band later on. The whole officiation ceremony started at 8.30, by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Sabah.

However, Sergeant Kevin was careless enough not to start the band as the march-past event started. He thought that it was a rehearsal. It was such a disgrace for the company, and for the Boys who stood there. Let's just hope that he will go reflect himself on the mirror and realise how stupid he was!

After that, the ceremony ended at 9.00 am. The boys went back home by then.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Parade Meeting - 6th April 2008

Today every boys came in sportswear. We were expected to go for their our sports, basketball and football before the guard of honor practice. Besides, the junior section members were allowed to stay back and have games. They first took out their pokemon cards, and start "killing" each other!

After that, they went out to the carpark. One of the boys spotted a centipede there~ It wasn't dead when Augustine took out "shieldtox" and spray it to dizziness. Bravo Sir Alex came out and STEP~! There goes the centipede....

Enrolment Sunday will be held on this coming Sunday and we really have to practice hard for that because the church members will be watching us on that special event. However, the basketball is not in the bandroom. Therefore, all the boys have to go for football at SK Sung Siew. This is the first time that all of us get to play football together.

First 2 teams were formed, one with Sir Andrew as the leader, the latter with L/Cpl Nicholas as the leader. The game was indeed very exciting. The boys managed to dribble well, and shoot perfectly! Finally, Sir Andrew's team won the game!

At 3.30pm, all of us came back to Wisma Basel and started our guard of honor practice. The color party members had been decided. Sergeant Willie will holding the color, Sergeant Yap will be the flanking Sergeant and Sergeant Khim Khim will be the color Sergeant.Everything went smoothly until Sergeant Kevin mixed up some of the commands. However, Captain was able to explain the sequence, and everything went successful.

Finally, we falled out. Sir Raymond ended the meeting with 2 announcements:

1)There will be a community service on 12nd April. Members are required to be present in Wisma Basel at 6.30. The band is going over to the Special Olympics.
2)13rd April will be the Enrolment Sunday. Boys are asked to come by 7.45 in their ceremonial uniforms. Remember your navy blue ties.

Then, we sang the BB Vesper and went home~

Friday, April 4, 2008

School Cocurriculum - 3 April 2008

Today, as planned, the boys and girls went to the Basel church for the extra curricular activities. After the bell rang, the NCO's and Young Leaders went into their respective classes and took attendance of the members who were present. Then, they walked in lines, all the way to Basel church.

As the members reach the church, Mr David Lai, who is one of the church members was there to welcome to boys with the song "More". The members went singing "more, more, more, i wan more, more, more." The atmosphere was very nice indeed! Then, it's time for some slower songs. Chaplain took over the devotion. They sang "Call Upon" and "I Give You My Heart". This excites the members more when all the songs were played with live band!

Next, Rev James continued with a brief message from himself. The message today was all about "confidence". He displayed pictures in which a cat walking pass 6 fierce dogs and a SPM student who has a large tumor on her face scoring A in her maths. This showed that we need to have confident in order to succeed in everything we do.

Then, we had a session with Sir Alex. He helped in promoting the BB and GB. This is the climax of the meeting as the main objective of having this session in the church is to attract the new members to join Sunday meetings. All the members were given forms to fill in so that the NCO's and Young Leaders can follow up the recruitment job. A slide show was also projected in the church. There were pictures and videos taken 2 years ago in the PESTA. The members cheered a lot when they see the boys taking part in the drill and band competition.

Finally, the session was ended with light refreshments. Then, we started to pick up the rubbish in the church, and helped to pack the instruments up and went back home.

Parade Meeting - 30th March 2008

Today the boys had a simple fall in. After that, we went into the classroom and had devotion. Next, we were told to carry our instruments into the activity room and have our band practice.
Mr Leong, our band instructor didn't come today. So, the practice was conducted by our band major. In overall, the band is not ready for the PESTA yet. They boys have to try their best in order to make the whole thing a success.

After that, we had our award classes. The awards are Campers Basic for year 1 and 2, Campers Advance for years 3 and 4 and citizenship for year 5. Campers basic was conducted by Captain Raymond, Campers Advance was taught by Sir Andrew and Citizenship was lead by Chaplain. The boys all had a very fun time learning the skills, especially those who took citizenship.

Then, the senior NCO's of BB and GB had a briefing session with our chaplain. Chaplain told us that the school had approved the chuch council's suggestion to bring the BB and GB members over to the church for their cocurricular activities on the coming Thursday. He was shocked when we told him that approximately 397 members are going over. After that, we made arrangements and distributed our jobs. The briefing was then ended.

After the briefing, Corporal Siah then moved out to the parking ground to see the boys drilling. Captain Raymond was the commander when he was being briefed. He was amazed when he saw the boys having improved tremendously. He wasn't able to call the commands accurately as he wasn't exposed to those beforehand. The members no longer have problems with tukar haluan and jadikan squad. If consistent practice is carried out and all the members have the spirit to drill well, i believe they can perform their best in the competition.

Next, we had a short guard of honor practice. The company will be having Enrolment Sunday in a fortnight's time. Captain taught the GB and BB the required movements during the ceremony. The parade commander and color party weren't decided as yet. We'll have to wait for the sergeants to decide.

After that, the boys falled out. Captain announced L/Cpl Augustine as the quartermaster of the company. He'll be in charge of the band room and the sale of accessories. He said that whoever wants to buy any equipments or badges can go to him and get the purchase form. Then, the boys went back home.