Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recruitment Strategies ACCOMPLISHED

On 7th January 2009, the 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade and 3rd Sandakan Girls' Brigade company had a recruitment project in SM Sung Siew. They held an exhibition, together with the other uniform bodies in the school, such as the Scouts, Girl Guide, Red Crescent Society and St John Ambulance.

The members started their preparation at 7.00 am. The BB and GB exhibited the band instruments, badges and awards, uniforms and t-shirts. The recruitment team members decided to do more on promotion this year. Thus, banners were hung and card calendars were given out to the students who came to visit our slot. Furthermore, the Girls' Brigade members baked muffins to be given out to the students.

After the exhibition slot in the school grandstand, the members line the new students up and led them to the school mini theater. There, a talk was given by both the BB and GB, introducing our activities held weekly and annually, such as the Pesta, ANTS, RBNTS, Enrolment Sunday and Founder's Day. Finally, Rev. James and Lt. Alexander hosted the sharing session with the new students, explaining why they should be part of BB and GB. The response slips and card calendars were then given out to the new students.

In overall, the recruitment project was done as planned. Each and everyone of the members contributed a lot to ensure this recruitment program a success. On the coming Sunday, the results will then be known - whether the new students are going to join us or not.