Friday, March 20, 2009

Junior bi-Annual Camp 2009

The 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade and 3rd Sandakan Girls' Brigade company had organised a junior camp in SJK (C) Chi Hwa. It was an evangelistic camp, aiming Brigade members of the age 9-13 years. The committee members went to Wisma Basel and slept overnight a day before the camp started, to do some final preparations.

Day 1 -14th March 2009

Today was the first day of Junior Camp - NCOs and YLs were to arrive in the school compound by 8.30am. Registration started at 9 and the camp b riefing began. The highlights of the day include: telematch, War Game - Tour of Duty and sharing by Rev. James. Mr Lai, the song leader of worship session came teaching the kids some simple songs and their actions, to be performed on the next day during Enrolment Service in Basel Church.

Day 2 -15th March 2009

The campers woke at 7.00am and got themselves ready to board the bus to Basel Church to attend the Enrolment Service of the 2nd Sandakan Boys' Brigade and 3rd Sandakan Girls' Brigade.The entire ceremony started with the marching in of colors by the Color Party. Members in the Color Party are Sgt Kwan Lik Jing, Sgt Daniel Fan, YL Mandy Lo, YL Chiang Lisa and Sgt Siah Boon Kiat. Then, the BB & GB danced the song "For All You've Done" followed by the singing performance by the juniors. Enrolment & Rededication was carried out to the recruits, NCOs and YLs. The long years service badge was awarded to Sgt Kwan Lik Jing. At the same time, he was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant, together with Sgt Siah Boon Kiat.

After that, the service ended with the marching out of colors and silent prayer. The campers then stayed back in Wisma Basel for the Sports Carnival before they went back to the campsite at 4.30pm.

Day 3 -16th March 2009

The campers had two destinations to head to - Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre and Chung Ying Biscuit Factory. Two buses were rented to pick up the campers to their respective visitation spots. Momentos were given to persons in charge of both the places as a mark of appreciation. Then, the campers cleaned the school area and had lunch. Opening Ceremony started at 3pm. The junior members formed the Guard of Honour and Sgt Daniel Fan was the parade commander. The Guest of Honour, Mdm Ooi Mee Har, the headmistress of SJK (C) Chi Hwa inspected their uniforms. At 4.30pm, both the campers and committee members went back to their homes.

This camp will be held once in every two years, with evangelistic purposes and implementing the BB and GB good qualities into the children. See you, Junior Camp 2011!

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